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Before And After



Duncan is sad

Patient has severe wear of, “Oh my two front teeth!”
Duncan is happy

Patient’s two front teeth are restored with custom blended veneers without the need for more than two.
Duncan Natural Look

Patient’s veneers represent the time and place of the adjacent untouched teeth.

Crown and Bridge


Albert Bridge Before

The patient’s bridge appears broken and in significant need of repair.
We restored his top teeth and next year his plans are to restore his bottom ones.

We restored his top teeth and next year his plans are to repair his bottom ones.


Pre C @ B Betty

Her concern was that, “My front teeth are splitting apart.”
Final C @ B Seat Betty

Her top front teeth were revitalized with porcelain crowns. Next year, we plan to complete the bottom. Yes, we can stage these extensive treatments out to fit every type of plan.



“I just don’t like smiling Doc.”
Bob Sad

We have an example of extensive destruction of the dentition.

We have the complete restoration of the top teeth and next year he plans on restoring the bottom teeth.


Jeff Before Front Teeth

“Please fix my front teeth Doc.”
Jeff After Front Teeth

Two porcelain crowns were placed.


Melissa Before

“Please help my smile.”
Melissa After

Her smile was restored taking into consideration the natural shape of her surrounding dentition and facial features.

Implant Dentistry


Lynn Zest Sore Mouth

“My mouth hurts badly when I try to eat with my bottom denture. My teeth don’t want to stay put!”
Lynn Zest Oral Shot Large Tongue

We placed two conservative implants.
Lynn Zest Oral Pickups

The implants are prepared for denture attachments.
Lynn Zest Narrow Ridge Shot

Yes, there are implants out there that require very little bone.
Lynn Zest Lynn oral shot

Another picture of how the implants look inside her mouth.
Lynn denture

Her denture is fitted with the attachments necessary to engage the implants and provide the needed retention.


Linda is sad

Patient is actually missing two front teeth. “My teeth never came in.”
Linda is happy

Her mouth is restored with a combination of porcelain crowns and implants.

Linda Implant Finish

She was very happy with the result. Therefore, the Dr. was happy!


Sandra is sad

We have a severely degenerated area of the mouth. The patient does not wish to wear a denture and the strength of her remaining teeth will not support a bridge for very long.
Sandra Surgery Day is happy

Four very conservative implants are placed in minimal bone due to extensive periodontal loss.
Sandra Amazing Bridge

Her implant bridge with custom shading for gum blending to hide the years of deterioration. The marks establish proper occlusion without excessive pressure on the area of concern.


Single Tooth Implant Site

Patient came in, “I want my tooth back.” He had a prior failed root canal. We extracted the tooth, grafted the defect with FDA approved bone, and created a nice soft tissue space for the future implant.
Single Tooth Placement

The implant was placed in a timely appointment. Many implants can be placed without the need for excessive cutting of the surrounding tissue.
Single Tooth Pleacement with Healing Collar

A different angle of the placement of his implant.
Single Tooth Healing Temp

He was provided a temporary removable partial for the period of healing.
Single Seat

The day we delivered his tooth!
Single Seat

A different angle…..

Implant Overdentures


Dave OCO

An example of one of the many types of implant dentures that we provide. The patient’s chief complaint was,” I can’t eat very well at all.”
Dave Denture

This is a picture of the implant attachments in the custom denture made early in year for him.
Dave Custom Dentures

A view of the dentures.


OCO overdenture placement

The implants are in view directly after placement. Please note the lack of trauma during placement.
OCO overdenture display

The bottom denture is prepared and the attachments are placed.
OCO overdenture

The denture is completed.

Partials and Dentures


Maria is sad

She would like a custom partial that looks “real.”

Her wish came true!